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Healthlink's expert nurses build a perfect customized discharge plan

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  • We follow and oversee healthcare services that are being provided to clients and families.
  • We act as a communication and interpretation link between the healthcare services and the client and family.
  • We ensure that quality evidence-based care is being provided and needs are being met. 
  • We do this by making visits to settings where healthcare is being provided and being inquisitive.
  • We act as consultants, advocates, liaisons, and care managers

Phase One: Getting to Know Our Clients

Phase I begins with a face to face visit by a Registered Nurse who physically assesses and gathers vital information about the client and family.  
We view each patient as a unique individual with very specific personal needs and preferences.  Our next action is to communicate with the hospital staff and physician to determine the type of care that is appropriate for you or your family member. choosing a nursing home in Palm Beach

Phase Two: The Decision Process

Our dynamic and knowledgeable staff have visited and ranked numerous facilities in Palm Beach County and we have compiled an ever growing state of the art database of the highest quality residencies in the area . The client and family are provided recommendations and preferred choices in order to make an informed decision.

Phase Three: Coordination

Healthlink Management takes it from here! We communicate with the hospital staff, nursing home or home health agency. We make sure the discharge and transfer are seamless! 

A nurse is at the hospital on the day of discharge and meets the client at home or at the nursing home to be sure everything is perfect.

We maintain communication with the family during the process in case there are concerns or questions.

Phase Four: Follow Up

During the next 2 weeks there are 2 follow up visits to ensure care is moving forward as planned. Problems do arise so these follow up visits are helpful.

Packages start at $600.00

**Additional visits can be arranged if needed.

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